Quartz Projects

Two hydrothermal quartz deposits are licensed for mining by UMIC. Preliminary exploration work and laboratory tests to evaluate the deposits were carried out in collaboration with the Saudi Geological Survey (S.G.S). This work indicated that the deposits are of a hydrothermal origin, of a rip type, with fluids rich in silica dixoide (SiO2) deposited in debility surfaces. The deposits have significant reserves of quartz with greater than 99 percent SiO2.

A detailed exploration program, including core drilling, will be undertaken to accurately determine the geometry of the deposits and to confirm the consistency of the quality of the contained quartz. The results of the exploration program will allow the calculation of the minable reserves and to develop a plan for the optimum mining of the deposits.

Currently, UMIC is undertaking a feasibility study on the mining and ore processing operations for producing basic crushed quartz.

Due to its high quality, the basic crushed quartz is suitable for further processing. When the market demand is confirmed, UMIC will install the additional equipment required for high-density attrition scrubbing of the basic crushed material.

The further processed product is high-grade raw SiO2, which can be used for the manufacturing of high-value intermediate and final industrial products for tomorrow's high-tech industries such as:
  • high-purity (99.99% silica) for producing metallurgical, chemical and electronic grade Silicon,
  • polycrystalline quartz for semiconductors (silicon chip) and photovoltaic cells(solar cells).

Recognising that their downstream business suffers if there are interruptions to raw material deliveries or out of specification materials UMIC will concentrate its efforts on providing reliable, long-term, service to its customers.