UMIC Company Profile

UMIC is a Saudi Arabian private company founded in 2004 by a group of distinguished businessmen and technocrats to pursue opportunities in the non-oil natural resources sector. Based in Jeddah, the commercial center of Saudi Arabia, UMIC currently operates several industrial mineral mining and processing projects. UMIC is known in Saudi Arabia as a reputable and reliable natural resources company, with a well-qualified and specialised team of geologists and engineers. Current projects include the mining of limestone and marble. Mining Licences have been awarded over feldspar, quartz and andesite deposits. UMIC plans to commence mining operations in these areas in the near term.

UMIC has identified several "value added" industrial mineral products required by the market, many of which are currently imported. To meet these requirements, UMIC commissioned several feasibility studies on the manufacture of these products to assess the further chemical and mechanical processing required of the mined material.

The feasibility studies have either been completed, or will be in the near future. The product range that UMIC will be able to
supply to the market includes:

  • MF would be responsible for the entire state and would develop market and business with the help of parent company (IOS).
  • As per IOS structure, the MF & DF would be exclusive.
  • MF would get benefits of sale from the entire state.
  • MF would manage each DF under its jurisdiction.

UMIC intends to continue to expand its range of value added products, utilising advanced technological techniques and processes to manufacture high value intermediate industrial mineral products, for the electronics, steel and solar cell industries. A major goal for UMIC is the development of cost-effective import substitutes for its Saudi Arabian customers. UMIC currently supplies customers in Saudi Arabia and plans to supply to customers in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Italy and Spain.

Our goal:

Develop cost-effective import substitutes for its Saudi Arabian customers and to supply customers in neighbouring countries.


Build a professional mining company that will provide diverse raw and processed mineral ores to various industries.


Contribute to the national economic plan for sustainable developmen